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Wealth Management

We identify great opportunities. Our Wealth Management division offers best-in-class advice along with bespoke client portfolio management.

Wealth Management

A dynamic, agile and personalised approach.

With over forty years of combined experience our team offers exceptional client portfolio management. With a tactical asset allocation strategy designed for each clients investment objectives, goals and risk appetite, RiverX delivers a dynamic, agile approach and as we embrace an entrepreneurial vision to wealth management.


Securing your
financial future

As an independent and boutique operation, we are not bound by centralised “buy lists”. Our wealth managers are empowered to seek out opportunities that are specifically tailored to each clients needs.

01 Tax-efficient investment solutions

02 Special situations service

03 IPO’s and fundraising opportunities

04 Invitation only global alternative and non-alternative fund managers

05 Portfolio management using tactical asset allocation strategies

06 Discretionary fund management

07 Managed portfolio service (“MPS”)

08 Execution-only services

09 Risk management

10 Exchange traded options

11 Access to direct private real estate


In a world where individual investment manager discretion is being increasingly replaced by automated processes and responses, we empower our investment managers to deliver what clients seek.

Our investment team has been chosen for their entrepreneurial spirit. They respect the principles of traditional investment management as well as to continually explore and examine interesting investment opportunities. Our team embraces new technologies to provide broad access to deal flow.

Our wealth managers have a strong track record in achieving robust medium-to-longer-term returns for clients. 2022 has been particularly good for preserving our clients’ wealth and outperforming the stock market thanks to astute tactical asset allocation and risk management.

Our Wealth Managers combine decades of experience with extensive research from brokerage houses, as well as conducting hundreds of meetings annually with management teams of the companies, real estate and funds in which we invest.

Our highly experienced traders use a combination of technology and personal contact to achieve the most favourable prices for clients, which are often not the ones advertised on screen. Best execution is at the heart of what we achieve for clients.

As a firm, we focus on compounding capital over the longer term by adopting institutional best practices based on world leading US and European endowments and foundations.

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