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Delivering high quality services in Wealth Management, Corporate   Advisory and Commercial Real Estate, for Wholesale Investors.


Our investment philosophy.

Our belief is that by actively managing alternative assets, we can achieve exceptional risk-adjusted returns by capitalising on market inefficiencies.

Protect the downside

Our approach is to thoroughly comprehend potential downsides before making investments and to mitigate risks through a series of meticulous processes.

Stick to your knitting

While we acknowledge that achieving expertise in all asset classes may not be feasible, we are dedicated to becoming specialists in niche alternative assets.

Follow the process

Our investment process is methodical and consistent, focused on identifying opportunities in inefficient markets through research, data analysis, risk assessment, and ongoing monitoring.

Invest with patient capital

Consistently achieving superior returns across market cycles reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional results. Our strategies are designed to excel in diverse economic conditions.

Domestic and Global Equities

We assist members in growing, managing, and preserving their wealth, advising them on how current events and future trends will affect their circumstances. Our Investment Management divisions offer bespoke client portfolios. With a dynamic, agile, and personal approach, our team’s offer traditional investment methods and values with 21st century innovation and entrepreneurship.

We provide our clients with live access to domestic and international markets via our partner platforms. River X offer clients competitive execution rates and services including access to block trades, VWAP orders and derivates. We have access to domestic and global research via our institutional partners, which allows us to provide coverage across the globe for our wholesale clients.

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Our team understands that many Australians have a tilt towards domestic equities, we provide our clients with tactical advice to assist in the diversification and active management of their investment portfolios with the goal of achieving superior outcomes for clients. From time to time we will make tactic suggestions to accumulate or reduce equity market exposure, pending macro economic conditions.

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We regularly review our clients asset mix to ensure they are positioned well to capture the upside of equity markets and to protect clients from corrections in the market. As we trade positions, seek new opportunities and monitor client holdings we provide regular feedback to our clients on how we believe they can strengthen their existing position.

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Private Equity, Private Debt and Property

Through our extensive and growing network of fund specialist managers, we are able to provide our clients with a robust and diversified portfolio in growth and income assets, being Healthcare, Real Estate, Technology and Industrial. Our strict criteria of only allocating to best-of-breed managers means our clients’ capital is invested in world leading, best-in-class, risk-adjusted assets. We prefer mangers who invest in counter-cyclical sectors with strong recession-proof characteristics. What’s more, unlisted private equity means low volatility. Through these managers, we are able to access high barrier-to-entry, value-added co-investment opportunities that enables our clients to cherry pick their investment opportunities, with limited demands on their time and resources. This enables our clients to complete their investments with greater efficiency. Our clients are continually seeking access to high quality, professionally structured and well managed co-investment opportunities across a range of asset classes, without having to directly source and negotiate these opportunities themselves. Our track record enables our clients to participate with confidence.

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Venture Capital

Through our venture capital fund network we are often provided with the opportunity to co-invest in businesses and funds. While venture capital has a longer time horizon to maturity we have found it is a popular place for a high network fund to park funds thus achieving superior outcomes. We enjoy backing founders who are building courageous and bold, product-driven businesses. We typically look for businesses who are seeking to redefine or disrupt a market. Our team looks for gutsy founders and innovators who are ready to scale their business to the next level and beyond. Our team relishes the journey from seed to venture capital to private equity and eventually capital markets for the right companies and opportunities.

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Our strategy is to build a diversified global portfolio of direct co-investments in lower-to-mid-market companies. Access to our broad network and ecosystem is a key differentiator that allows us to source and transact on fewer proprietary ideas.

RiverX’s ecosystem, family office network, client deal flow, best-in-class public and private equity fund managers.

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Strong private equity background, senior advisors actively involved in due diligence and expertise across multiple asset classes.

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We often co-invest with our clients which allows us to build a strong alignment between our firm and our clients.

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