RiverX Investment Management

Family Offices &
Ultra High Net Worth

Our in-house deal origination team leverages off our extensive family office and fund manager networks to access attractive corporate deals for our clients.

Family Offices & Ultra High Net Worth

Unparalleled combination of integrity, experience and skill.

With over forty years of combined experience our team offers exceptional client portfolio management. With a tactical asset allocation strategy designed for each clients investment objectives, goals and risk appetite, RiverX delivers a dynamic, agile approach and as we embrace an entrepreneurial vision to wealth management.


Bespoke Solutions for Family
Offices & UHNW Clients

Co-investments for Single Family Offices and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals. 

Single Family Offices (SFOs) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWIs) are continually seeking access to high quality, professionally structured and well managed co-investment opportunities across a range of asset classes, without having to directly source and negotiate these opportunities. The ideal scenario enables our clients to cherry pick their investment opportunities, with limited demands on their time and resources. 

Thanks to our institutional investor relationships, we can offer our SFOs and UHNWIs access to attractive investment opportunities they might otherwise not be aware of. We provide curated deal flow across a variety of sectors, asset classes and structures. 

In addition to the standard wealth management services most firms offer we provide our clients with access to a selection of personalised services that include investment commercial real estate opportunities, estate planning, tax planning, philanthropic investing, concierge services, and more. 

Our Philanthropic services allow charities and family offices to allocate the performance of their investments toward causes they are passionate about, which helps our clients give back to the community and deliver on their mission statements.

RiverX Investment Management