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Corporate Advisory

Our in-house deal origination team leverages off our extensive family office and fund manager networks to access attractive corporate deals for our clients.

Corporate Advisory

A proven track record of raising capital and advisory services.

With over forty years of combined experience our team offers exceptional client portfolio management. With a tactical asset allocation strategy designed for each clients investment objectives, goals and risk appetite, RiverX delivers a dynamic, agile approach and as we embrace an entrepreneurial vision to wealth management.


Navigating complex
decisions with expertise.

We provide advice, expertise and capital to a number of exciting growth companies we have selected because we believe we can have a material impact on the long-term success and value of these businesses. Our aim is to deliver exceptional service to a modest number of clients and best practice within our broker-to-clients ratio. This focused approach enables us to closely and comprehensively support the management teams and companies we work with. Our work does not stop once a fundraise has been completed. Our clients benefit from our expertise; from the growth stages of a business through to major liquidity events and beyond. Services include access to capital, sales and corporate broking.

Access to Capital

01 Early stage companies and seed funding

02 Angel, early stage to late stage VC and private equity

03 Pre-IPO, IPO and RTO

04 Vendor placements and block trades

05 M&A and secondary issues

Sales and Corporate Broking

01 Access to different pools of capital and investors

02 Intelligent and insightful research delivered via strategic partnerships

03 In-depth market knowledge

04 Focused capital markets strategy

05 Strategic insight and market intelligence

06 Investor roadshows with value-add feedback


In a world where individual investment manager discretion is being increasingly replaced by automated processes and responses, we empower our investment managers to deliver what clients seek.

We provide creative solutions combining traditional values and old-fashioned relationship-based services with 21st century innovation, imagination and entrepreneurship.

We are familiar with and will advise on the challenges of growing young businesses. We have significant experience in running listed businesses including the Initial Public Offering journey and operating a listed business We understand both the challenges and the opportunities involved.

We pride ourselves in our extensive network of investors and contacts in the financial services sector. We are able to connect corporate clients that have growth plans and capital requirements with the right investors.

With access to global research, our team are well-eqipped to conduct detailed research on a global scale.

We relentlessly strive to achieve the highest standards of quality for our clients.

RiverX Investment Management