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Commercial Real Estate

We provide our clients with exposure to the commercial property market via direct investment opportunities, syndicates and managed funds.

Commercial Real Estate

We seek to identify commercial assets that target returns of 8-10% p.a.

Our team has a track record of deploying funds towards Australia’s highest regarded Private Debt funds who loan against the sophisticated development property market in Australia. We seek to identify commercial assets that target returns of 8-10% p.a and provide inflation-adjusted returns comparable to the share market over the last 20-30 years with lower levels of volatility.


Unlocking potential in
commercial real estate

Our team specialise in every asset class and exclusively work with our clients to purchase Investment and Development opportunities. We see the value in diversification and look to provide our clients with access to premium opportunities in the primary and secondary markets. Some of our best transactions have been off-market opportunities offered exclusively to our clients. 

We have seen an increase in demand for commercial real estates and private debt due its low market correlation characteristics, superior yield return as well as regular monthly and quarterly income payments. To learn more about commercial property and how we provide clients with access to commercial opportunities, contact one of our advisors.

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